lake taupo

Taupo: Maori Rocks and Waipunga Falls

The next morning following on from our visit to Huka Falls, we took a cruise to Lake Taupo, to see the Maori Rock Carvings by the water. The water was an amazing clear emerald colour, shining in the bright sunlight.

We then started making our way down to Napier, stopping by the Waipunga Falls on the way. These falls are just off a side road, with no signage, but really worth the visit.

Below are a few of my favourite images of these two locations.

Taupo: Huka Falls


Having explored Rotorua, we made our way to Taupo. Taupo's main attraction is the Huka Falls, which drains Lake Taupo and joins it to the Waikato River.

The Huka Falls are one of the most visited attractions in New Zealand, so photographing around the huge number of tourists can be a bit challenging. Sadly it is also a no-drone area, allowing only photography from land.

Here are some of my favourite images from our visit to Huka Falls.